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Karung Jumbo Bag Bekas

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Payment Method:Cashier Order
Pack. & Delivery:Ball
Specification:Clean Used Jumbo Bag Cap-1 Ton with various size such as:
90 x 90 x 105 Cm; 90 x 90 x 110 Cm; 90 x 90 x 115 Cm; 90 x 90 x 120 Cm

Colour mixed ( White or Brown)

Company Contact
Name:Mr. Sofyan Liem, SE [Director/CEO/General Manager]
E-mail:Send Message
Mobile Number:0813-83863158
Phone Number:62-21-92780486
Fax Number:62-21-63869439
Address:Jl. Keadilan Dalam No. 16
Jakarta 11130, Jakarta

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